May 9, 2022
Early Music America

South Asian Singers Find a Home in Early Music

Maya Kherani remembers the moment she made the decision to add the adjective “Indian-American” to her artist bio. From the time she was a student, the young soprano felt the isolation that comes with being a visible minority working in early music—a genre where performers, administrators, boards, and audiences are, arguably, among the least diverse in classical music.

October 5, 2021
SF Classical Voice

Has Anything Changed? Local Opera Luminaries Respond

Gale-force winds of change have shaken society over the last few years, touching along their path virtually every arts organization. Looking specifically at the world of opera, we contacted five outspoken voices in the local opera scene: soprano Michele Kennedy, mezzo-soprano Nikola Printz, Opera San José Resident Director Tara Branham, soprano Maya Kherani, and soprano Shawnette Sulker. These five cis-female, trans, or nonbinary vocalists — basically, five artists who do not identify as male —responded to a simple three-word question: Has anything changed?

July 22, 2021
Asian Opera Alliance

Founding Member of the Asian Opera Alliance

Maya Kherani helps found the Asian Opera Alliance

March 14, 2021
This Embodied Voice

Maya Kherani: Pregnancy, Reflux, and Indian-American Identity

In this episode, Lis talks with soprano Maya Kherani about her experience of pregnancy during a pandemic, her struggles with reflux and vocal injury, her spreadsheet where she tracks her practicing exercises, and how she leans into her Indian-American identity.

December 29, 2020
Broadway World

Maya Kherani of Three Decembers Brings a Complex Terrance McNally Character to Life

The soprano shines in a glorious new production of the chamber opera by Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer

November 17, 2020
KALW Public Radio

Corona Radio Theater Interview

Host David Latulippe talks to composer Jake Heggie, mezzo soprano Susan Graham, and singers Maya Kherani and Efraín Solís from Opera San Jose about the chamber opera Three Decembers.

October 30, 2020
The Practice Parlour

SCFS EP. 9 - Maya Kherani: Science to Singing

From an engineering degree to a thriving opera career, soprano Maya Kherani shares the practices that keep her organized, healthy and inspired.

November 5, 2015
India Currents

An Indian Opera

An ancient Savitri verbally spars with Yama, the God of Death; a modern, immigrant Meera vocalizes a pang of longing and responsibility: on stage, in English, in operatic style.